Graduate Students


Ho-Yin-CHIANGHo Yin CHIANG: Research Interests:

Antifouling paints and marine natural products

Educational background:

Bsc, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hobbies: Hiking, Volleyball, Badminton

yangyiYANG Yi: Research interest: Bacteria, deep-sea animals

Educational background:

BEng & MEng Xiamen University

Hobbies: Anime, food, physics

124222194172889734MA Ye :
Research Interests: Anti-biofilm
Educational background: 
BS, Minzu University of China;
Msc, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Hobbies: PPT Design, Basketball
zhoukunZHOU Kun E-mail: Research Interests: Bacteria, Meta-genome

Educational background:

BS, Hubei University of Education;

Msc, Central China Normal University

Hobbies: Music, Badminton

dingweiDING Wei: Research Interests: biofilms and metagenome;

Educational background: Bsc, Northwest A&F University and Technology;

Msc, Northwest A&F University and Technology;

Hobbies: Yoga, badminton, movie;

IMAG0017-01ZHONG Zheng: Research Interests:

natural products from marine bacteria

Hobbies: table tennis, movies, hearthstone

DSC07570LI Zhongrui: Research Interests: I am interested in 1) the isolation and purification of antifouling compounds from marine microorganism, and 2) the discovery of siderophores from the marine bacteria and their regulation by quorum sensing. Before joining HKUST, I was interested in the 1) marine functional food as the natural antioxidants from algae and hydrolysates, and the 2) utilization of collagen from industrial by-products.

Educational background: Bsc, Zhejiang Ocean University

Hobbies:Travel by bike, Basketball, Tennis, Traditional Chinese painting




Research Interests: Genomics and Transcriptomics.

Educational background: Bsc, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Hobbies: Movie, Music, Swimming and Travel



MENG JiaMENG Jia: Research Interests: Isolation and identification of the natural products from marine bacteria, the bioactivity and biosynthesis of the natural products.

Educational background: Bsc, Nanjing University

Hobbies: badminton, music, hiking, cooking

Yang XiaoxueYANG Research Interests: I’m interested in understanding the crosstalk between different pathways involved in larval settlement and metamorphosis.

Educational background: Bsc, Ohio State University

Tong HaoyaTONG Haoya: Research Interests: Microbiology and Genomics.

Educational background: Bsc, Nanjing University

Hobbies: Reading and Traveling.

10387618_10202925922450442_8224838012492168491_n (2)Hello, my name is Harry TABATA. I am a researcher here at HKUST. I started my research in the Fall of 2015.  Currently enjoying the contrast of life between the East and the West.

Education: BS in Biology and BA in Anthropology from University of California, Irvine.

Research: Morphology and neurobiology of the deep sea amphipod, Hirondellea gigas.
Hobbies: Ocean activities, SCUBA diving, watching youtube, and cooking.


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