Post Doctoral Fellows


Dr. Weipeng Zhang : Research Interests: Bacteria, Meta-genome

Educational background: BS, Shandong University; Msc, Wuhan Institute of Virology, CAS

Hobbies: Japanese Cartoon, Music, Red alert


Dr. Jin SUN

Research Interests: Understanding the molecular adaptation process of deep-sea invertebrates using genomics tools and proteomics. List of publications can be found at Google citations.

Educational Background: Bsc, Ocean University of China; PhD, Hong Kong Baptist University under the supervision of Prof Jian-Wen QIU.

Awards: InterRidge Student and Postdoctoral Fellowship 2014; University of Shanghai John Yuen Memorial Scholarship, Award on the basis of academic merits, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2011


Dr. Yongxin LI

After receiving his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in pharmaceutical science from Peking University, Yongxin Li joined the research group of Prof Pei-Yuan Qian at HKUST in 2010 for his doctoral studies and obtained his PhD in Biology in 2014. He spent a short period (March-Sep 2013) in Moore’s lab of UCSD to interrogate biosynthesis of natural products. In August 2014, he joined IAS as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the same group. Dr Li has authored and co-authored 18 scientific papers. His current research interest includes: (1) natural product chemistry: focused on discovery of novel bioactive natural products from marine bacteria; (2) natural product biosynthesis: focused on genome mining, heterologous expression and biosynthesis study of microbial natural products
 CAI LinDr. Lin CAI
 Dr. Cai received his B.Sc. (2004) and Ph.D. (2009) degrees at Huazhong Agricultural University. Then he worked as a junior scientist at Wuhan Institute of Virology, CAS. He came to HKU in 2011 and moved to HKUST in 2014 to pursue his postdoctoral careers. Dr. Cai has interests in Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Ecology. He has published more than 25 SCI papers. [Publication link]:


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