1. Biosynthesis and bioengineering of marine microbial natural products using sophisticated approaches that include genome mining, heterologous biosynthesis and mutasynthesis.
  2. Coral reef symbiosis from three biogeographic regions of South China Sea (Key project, NSFC) (PI)
  3. Roles of the p38 MAPK and its potential cross talk with the nitric oxide pathways in larval settlement of a major fouling barnacle (GRF, HKSAR).
  4. Hadal depth invertebrate trancriptomics, proteomics, and symbiosis (subproject of Plan B program on “hadal science and engineering”, CAS) (PI)
  5. Genomic and proteomic responses of larvae and juveniles of marine invertebrate larvae to PBDEs and hypoxia (AoE of UGC, MEIRT).
  6. PBDE and hypoxia affect biofilm characteristics and hence larval settlement, leading to global changes in benthic community (AoE of UGC, MEIRT).
  7. Microbial metagenomics and bioactive substances from the Red Sea (KAUST Global Collaborative Research Program).
  8. 深海微生物抗污损活性物质筛选与应用潜力评价(12.5 Project of China Ocean Mineral Resources Research and Development Association, China).
  9. 南海造礁石珊瑚专性共生微生物的群落结构,共生关系形成过程及其核心代谢功能研究(NSFC-广东联合基金重点支持项目.
  10. 海洋极端微生物中抗菌及抗生物膜活性物质的研究与海洋涂料用绿色防污剂的研发(国家大洋“十三五”深海生物资源勘探与潜力评估项目重点课题)
  11. 热液微生物和生物成矿作用 (973 project:西南印度洋洋中脊热液成矿过程与硫化物矿区预测第四课题/2012CB417304).

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